5 things you should never say to your partner

It is normal for a married couple to have small fights and disagreements while living together. There may be times when both of them have a fight because of a word that neither of them said on purpose. However, if the two of you are living together, there may be times when certain words cause you to feel hurt. These heartaches may eventually pass, but their scars might not.

we’ve written this article to tell you about 5 things you should never say.

  • “You can never correct mistakes”

Many people hold the belief that the negative traits they believe another person has will eventually change and turn that person into a good person. Even if it does change, there are times when it is foolish to believe it will. because you remain the same person you were before marriage. A similar tale is told about a mistake that is regularly committed out of habit. But even if you say this, the other person will never correct their mistakes.

  • “Please shut up”

During a fight, the phrase “shut up” denotes that you don’t give a damn what the other person thinks or says. It also implies that there is no room in your relationship for the other person’s feelings or opinions. There is no meaning in that relationship if you try to win a fight by making the other person silent. It is not about trying to prevail through force, the most important thing is to be patience when both are angry.

  • “Are you mad?”

We don’t realize how serious it is to ask someone if they’re crazy, but depending on their mental state, that question can make them feel inferior. Asking someone if they are crazy implies that they have a mental disorder because we all experience some level of mental pressure or stress. They might believe that we are putting them down as a result of that mental difficulty.

  • “I wish you looked a little more like this”

We can change our appearance to some extent by using cosmetics or physical exercises. But we cannot change things like the size of our organs, skin color and face shape with natural methods. It is very bad if we marry someone and are concerned about their appearance or physical changes. It makes them unhappy and frustrated with their appearance.

  • “Cry, that’s all you can do”

Many people cry even when they are in pain. Others do not cry for anything at all. Whatever it is, crying relieves emotional stress. However, if you say something like “cry, that’s all you can do” at that time, you will not only hurt their feelings, but you will also close a way for them to release their emotional pressure. When this happens, the emotional pressure builds up and unexpected things can happen.


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