Former Pakistan PM says the march on Islamabad will resume on Tuesday

Former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Sunday that a protest march toward the capital that had been halted after he was shot in the leg in an apparent assassination attempt would resume on Tuesday.

Khan spoke from the Shaukat Khanum hospital, where he was admitted on Thursday after receiving bullet wounds to his right leg. He was sitting in a wheelchair, his right leg bandaged and elevated.

Khan reiterated his demand for an investigation into the shooting as well as the resignation of three powerful figures in the government and military who he claims were involved in staging the attack on him.

Khan’s march to the capital was halted in Wazirabad, an eastern Punjab province district, after a gunman opened fire on him, wounding him and killing one of his supporters. Thirteen other people were injured. He stated that the march would resume from Wazirabad.


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