Who is Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin?

Our world is at war. The man who leads it is Vladimir Putin, the longest serving President of Russia. Will there be a war in Ukraine? Won’t there be a war in Ukraine? Putin has caused a problem in the world.

One morning he decided to shock the world by invading Ukraine. “If you interfere from outside, you have to face the consequences. You will face consequences greater than anything you have faced in history” He said.

In 2008 he sent troops to Georgia, in 2014 he annexed Crimea to Russia, and in 2022 Vladimir Putin has single-handedly begun to destabilize Europe. He has launched an attack on Ukraine. Now people are calling Putin the new Hitler. He wants to unite his homeland. So he sent tanks and troops to Ukraine. He has invaded a European country in 2022.

Putin was once the deputy mayor of St. Petersburg, and his boss was the city’s mayor. His name was Anatoly subject, Putin admired him and his traits today are said to be derived from Anatoly.

To understand the war in Ukraine, we must first understand the man behind the war, Vladimir Putin, and how his life has shaped it.

Vladimir Putin was once a KGB agent. His coaches found a flaw in the young man. They said Putin felt less dangerous. In other words, what seems dangerous to you and me may not be dangerous to Vladimir Putin. He admits this in his biography, and says of his KGB days that a negative trait often attributed to him was his lack of sense of danger. The intelligence agencies considered this a very serious mistake, but they were not wrong. The invasion of Ukraine illustrates this dangerous characteristic of Putin.

He was born in October 1952 in the Soviet city of Leningrad. His parents belonged to the working class. They lived in an apartment and shared the house with two other families. Most schoolboys dreamed of becoming a doctor or a fighter pilot or something glamorous, while Putin dreamed of being a spy.

He first set foot in KGB headquarters when he was a teenager. He graduated from Leningrad State University in 1975 and went straight to join the KGB.

In 1997, Putin became the deputy mayor of St. Petersburg, the deputy chief of staff of the president, and a year later, the head of the new intelligence agency, the FSB. In 1999, he became Russia’s first deputy prime minister, then prime minister, and then president.

President Yeltsin suddenly resigned. He named Vladimir Putin as the country’s acting president. It was December 31, 1999, on New Year’s Eve. Putin was married to a former flight attendant, who did not know that her husband would become the president of Russia. Putin knew about this for days, but he did not tell his wife. Vladimir Putin is such a secretive person.

Reports say the Russian parliament had no clue about his plans to invade Ukraine. Yes, he asked for permission to send troops to foreign countries, but lawmakers never thought he would actually attack Ukraine. Putin never needed that permission. He is the commander of the Russian Armed Forces. He can send troops anywhere he wants.

If you want to know what will happen next, try to gauge it through Putin’s eyes. He is a boy from a working class family. He became the face of Moscow. He has the backing of powerful KGB officers. He dragged Russia into many wars. He silenced critics who disagreed with him and challenged him. Putin has poisoned Russians abroad, he has repressed the LGBTQ community, tamed the media, and most recently arrested those protesting the war in Ukraine. He has gone to war three times in the last 14 years.

Putin has been in power for 22 years now. He will remain in power until 2036. That’s another 14 years.


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